Returns & Warranty

Returns & Warranty

1. Exchanges and Returns

1.1. If the product supplied presents a manufacturing defect, the customer may require the correction of the defect or the supply of an equal product without defect.

1.2. The customer has 14 days to return a product, as of the date of delivery of the product, without any associated cost, as long as it does not show evidence of use and is returned in the same box used for shipping. In case of damage caused by bad packaging of the product by the customer, Portdance reserves the right to refuse acceptance of the return and will charge the shipping costs to the customer.

1.3. The customer can always return the product purchased or replace it with any other product available in the online store, within 14 days after the confirmation.

1.4. The exercise of the right provided in the previous point, only occurs when the customer has not made effective use of the product purchased, reserving to Portdance the right to make the equipment exchange possible, after verification of the state of use of the same.

1.5. If the customer requests the exchange of his product for another whose price is higher than the purchased product, he shall proceed to the payment of the remaining amount by bank transfer to the IBAN that will be provided to him after the completion of the exchange form.

1.6. When the customer requests the exchange of his product for another one whose price is lower than the purchased product, Portdance will issue a credit note, within a maximum period of 15 days, and will return the remaining amount to the IBAN indicated by the customer.

1.7. The shipping costs resulting from a defective product shall be borne by Portdance. Otherwise, the costs will be supported by the customer.

2. Warranty

2.1. The products have a two-year legal warranty, from the purchase date and Portdance shall only be responsible for products that have the manufacture defects and no sign of use.

2.2. In the case of manufacturer defects, Portdance will promptly exchange or repair the item in question, in case the last option is feasible, without any loss to the customer.

3.3. Portdance reserves the right to accept or not any warranty claim for products that have evidence of being used.